Our process

Truecore Circular Asset Management

Truecore starts with a thorough audit that reassesses the hidden value of your excess inventory. We then prioritize the reengineering of equipment for redeployment within your operator network. An extensive global partner network is leveraged to capture the remaining resale value of obsolete equipment.

1. Reassess your assets

By performing an initial inventory audit, Truecore reveals the true value of your existing used or surplus network elements. This evaluation provides the basis for a transparent assessment and project plan, including gap-in-time and gap-in-configuration analyses. To ensure the highest possible value with the minimum possible effort from your organization, the full process is adapted from the start to suit your existing purchasing and engineering routines.

2. Reuse network infrastructure

Our experienced network engineers reutilize viable assets, combining them with new and used equipment to achieve the most cost-effective and sustainable solution for your future network migration. All logistics and warehousing needs are processed and handled by Truecore. Our network architects then assist in redeployment of the refurbished infrastructure into new local or operator group sites, including configuration and installation. The result is a fully functional migration of network infrastructure that meets the needs of all users, at a fraction of the cost of investing in new equipment.

3. Resell obsolete equipment

Any equipment considered obsolete for your operator group is profitably resold through the Truecore Global Customer Base, which includes a broad global distribution of both telecom operators and OEMs.
Remaining network elements are then recycled, with all environmental reports and scrap administration handled by Truecore, resulting in a near-total elimination of your equipment’s environmental footprint.

The result is a comprehensive reutilization program that delivers up to 100 times more value than recycling alone, when accounting for total revenue increases and potential new equipment cost reductions.