Today’s assets.
Tomorrow’s networks.

Don't just roll out. Roll forward.

Why roll out new equipment when you can achieve major cost savings by reutilizing the assets you already have? Truecore unleashes the hidden value of your equipment with a proven process for rolling forward existing network assets into fully functional network infrastructure.

Rethink your network assets

Truecore's Circular Asset Management services follow a proven 3-step model that adds significant value at every stage. Our experienced network engineers and network architects apply decades of expertise from leading telecom equipment OEMs to ensure successful execution of the entire process. This includes inventory audits, logistics and warehousing, rebuild and redeployment, turnkey network infrastructure deliveries, and second-hand resale.


Proven results

Truecore Circular Asset Management is proven to capture significant value from hidden assets, leading to revenue increases and new equipment cost reduction.





The advantages of working with us

  • Open tender process with quick response times
  • Vendor-independent services with true transparency
  • 100% accuracy due to proven Circular Asset Management process
  • Flexible partnership led by full-time Truecore consultant dedicated to your project

Financial benefits

Get 100 times more value than recycling

Reutilization of network equipment gives you up to 100 times more value than recycling. In fact, the future cost savings alone can far exceed the re-use value of idle assets. For one European telecom operator, the results amounted to USD 15 million in increased re-use value and an estimated USD 200 million reduction in new equipment procurement costs.

Environmental benefits

Eliminate waste

Every operator has sustainability programs. Yet, few would admit that the industry’s average network equipment reutilization is just 2%. By transforming their supply chain management, Truecore customers recover and reuse anywhere from 50 to 75% of assets that would otherwise be scrapped.


Social benefits

Expand coverage at lower cost

New equipment costs can be prohibitive in rural areas and other low-revenue regions. Asset reutilization enables lower-cost buildout into more areas, creating profitable new business cases for network expansion.

This is Truecore

Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden and with offices in Austria, Portugal, Russia, Singapore and Indonesia, the Truecore team consists of experienced network architects and engineers from all the major telecom equipment OEMs.

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